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This faucet deliver xEgld for the Devnet
This script is using an erdpy loop to deliver xEGLD.
If you did not receive anything after a few minutes, feel free to contact me on telegram. So i could start loop again.
Fill the form with your wallet adresse to receive xEGLD Only one transaction per wallet (until 24h reset) and max 5 xEGLD per transaction

Current sender wallet balance : 138517.81479775

Wallet Address :

XeGLD amount (max 5) :

Awaiting and closed transactions
AddressAmounttransaction hashage
erd1p3t48n7vzvgv867vzytlfrn0xel0zzqkf3jk7svz5er3q405a5fsu6u9ns519474aa27b0cd0f5ff9183f6797739b7ad257bb915a22b460b047fed4408889f09h 22m 20s
erd1wsdqzdz3fldgsqsjf0ts3a79hjvx6kl0h8hp7ujmyd6ufrlyzqkq8nkmse5f6b0e2dd12616205b6e8657da6ea167004c94af6a7d6bbd9f43921d0f40dc90f09h 29m 27s
erd1xhjp05ssdlma9fuve7mmxdwnwpf780q04jku8kkn69acpnea6vwsueghf85e4501fb46f2a4961b7abba065a508b951b23a1c70940b24968f9231143ac468e16h 12m 19s
erd1d8h8k4j3a8n7jqxcf0rr2xz8d2cx22y5ntz8hj9s07svaeldx3lsj5axmu506cc05e3924afa6423ab75a675e65772abe9d739135b6a2669c56bc2e7cf470516h 12m 43s
erd1jdkzl2j9j56eexu594yl7nhrl95harl79a877jxesuxkdzswqehq43kzyr5079b5d5900644ed9e29002bbc0073827e0aacc2a27d8038eef69c0840222a75316h 50m 05s

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